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Sonic Genesis Fixed, just needed to be reposted...

2008-12-22 21:06:47 by TrueblueSonic

I finished fixing the movie thanks to a friend who showed me an awesome program, Audacity. Thanks, man, this program is alot of help. Anyway, I just need to repost the movie and that's it, you can all enjoy it. Glad the people who watched liked it.


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2008-12-23 14:59:41

I would real like 2 c more of sonic genesis

why dt u try adding ur own sonic characters

and wat ever u do DT ADD SONIC THE WEREHOG

TrueblueSonic responds:

please, I hate Werehog Sonic. I'll never add him in a movie.


2008-12-23 15:17:16

hey its me mallina i want 2 say thats was an awesome movie

TrueblueSonic responds:

Thanks. ^^


2008-12-26 22:47:00

Hehe I wonder who, uhhh, helped you out there XD !

Good luck with you series!