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Entry #9

Machinima Works...

2009-04-03 21:04:29 by TrueblueSonic

I'm gonna use music from Newgrounds to make my machinima series' on Youtube and I of course will give credit to all artists for musics used no doubt. The series i'm working on below:

-Gradient: Two UNSC Officers who are bored out of there minds get the adventure they're looking for when a schizophrenic breaks out of his sanitarium and raises an army of soldiers with physical robotic pieces to enhance physical strength, stamina, and physical properties, and genetic augmentation drugs to enhance sight, smell, touch, reaction time, hearing, and other genetic, mental, and sensible properties. (You steal my idea and i'll find you and get you! RAWR RAWR RAWR RAWR!)

-Monstrosity/Morphesis: After a labratory enperiment goes completely wrong, a lone scientist becomes a mutated creature with enhanced strength, power, and other abilities. The owner of the company that conducted the experiment has had a bounty on the scientist's head, leading to the death of his family. Now he's out for revenge, starting from the lower science parts to the higher wings, up to the top owners themselves. Armed with an Energy Sword and an empowered Plasma Pistol, it's payback time.

...more to come...


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